Three tips for maintaining natural stone flooring

Three tips for maintaining natural stone flooring

"Bringing the outdoors in" and using genuine materials in home decor is a hot trend. With its high-end, elegant look, natural stone flooring aligns with this interior design.

It's exceptionally durable and has been used as a building material for centuries. Cleaning them is simple; if you do it regularly, your floors will last for years.

Sweep or dry mop every day

Soft-bristled brooms or microfiber cloths are best. If you vacuum, use the setting for hard surface floors and remove the beater bars.

Dirt, soil, sand, and small rocks are abrasive and can scratch; you might also consider placing mats at entrances so it doesn?t get tracked in on your natural stone tiles in the first place.

Damp mop every week or two

All these floors need are warm water and a gentle cleaner specially formulated for stone.

Avoid harsh abrasive cleaners. Please do not use anything acidic, like ammonia, vinegar, or lemon juice, because they'll erode the surface and discolor grout.??

Stay away from waxy substances as well. They dull the floors.

Seal regularly

Many stones are porous. That means they have large, open pores, usually due to how the rock is formed.

It also means they stain and etch easily. Ask your natural stone flooring expert about regular sealing if you have marble flooring, travertine, limestone, or other porous rock.??

It protects the surface and subfloor; water and moisture can seep down and travel up again.

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