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Why choose tile?

With a wide selection of colors, textures and sizes in rustic, refined and casual looks, we have always loved tile for its unlimited applications in a stylish home. Tile flooring works for not only floors, but also backsplashes, countertops, mosaics and wall tiles.

Our customers love tile for its exquisite and sophisticated look, extreme durability, great versatility, easy maintenance and safety. Tile is ideal for kitchens and bathrooms because tile resists scratches, moisture, bacteria and odors. Thanks to a nearly unlimited array of visuals, shades and textures, ceramic tile can help you design one-of-a-kind rooms.
Here are some exciting ways you can use tile:

  • Give a bath or backsplash a modern vibe with today’s trendy long, linear tiles.
  • For a stunning accent wall, use tile in a wood look to add texture and an enhanced warm feel.
  • To completely maximize the vibe of a room, choose a tile size that will produce the desired effect. Smaller tiles can help a room feel less constricted, while larger tiles bring order to open spaces. Likewise, patterns are best used in proportion to the space.

For even greater performance, porcelain is one of the hardest-working tile choices out there. Its dense material is highly water resistant and withstands exposure to freezing and thawing. For clean lines, form and function, take your home updates to the next level with brilliant tile options for your floors, walls, countertops and backsplashes.

There are many tile textures, images and colors available and we invite you to browse our catalog HERE or visit Wayne Wiles Floor Coverings to view them in person.

Featured tile products

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Tile flooring

Thousands of years ago, ceramic tile was used in building of ancient temples and architectural masterpieces. Today it's used in homes all over the world. Tile is one of the most popular flooring materials in the world today, which makes it one of the longest running trends in history. It never goes out of style.

As ceramic tile stays popular, more advancements are made in creating colors, styles and designs with the glaze. All these enhancements make ceramic tile one of the most diverse flooring materials you can choose in the flooring industry.

Ceramic tiles come in either glazed or unglazed, which offer different advantages. Both are fireproof, and will never scorch or burn. Both are very dense and aren't conducive to the growth of bacteria or the accumulation of allergens.
Tile flooring in Fort Myers FL from Wayne Wiles Floor Coverings

Largest tile selection & specials

Glazed ceramic tile is more popular. It's made by firing dried clay through a kiln twice, with a coat of glaze applied before the second firing. It's available in any color or design, and can be used to give your floor a dramatic look. It can also be made to mimic more expensive natural stone tile. The dense quality of the material makes it waterproof, and thus ideal for bathroom and kitchen floors, or even outdoor patios.

Unglazed ceramic tile is different from glazed in that it is only fired in the kiln once and it has no layer of glaze applied to the top. This means that although it is water resistant, it isn't waterproof like glazed ceramic tile. Unglazed tile is made from all natural ingredients, and gives a natural, earthy look to any room where it is installed.

At Wayne Wiles Floor Coverings, we know ceramic tile, and we want to provide you with the best quality and installation possible. We have the best prices in Fort Myers & Naples. Check out our selection online or in person. Contact us to learn more about tile installation or the other services we provide.

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