Keeping Dangerous Pathogens at Bay

There is a lot to learn about COVID-19, and one of the disturbing, recent details to emerge is how long the virus can actually live on surfaces. It is estimated that 42% of us are not cleaning surfaces properly. This can be unsettling, considering that high-traffic areas like grocery stores and gas stations are teeming with germs, and you run the risk of bringing these contaminants home with you. Clothing, bags, phones and more are easy targets of picking up dangerous germs. And now, more than ever, you have to be cautious of surfaces you touch in public and be aware of germs you might bring home. Washing your hands frequently is one of the most effective steps you can take to minimize the spread of the disease, but the virus can still cling to surfaces. Taking a few precautions and following some basic guidelines can help keep dangerous pathogens at bay and keep them from spreading further.

Address germs immediately
Unwanted germs can get into your home through the front door. Ensure that you disinfect things immediately when they enter your home. Take your shoes off, and wipe down bags. Dispose of paper or plastic packaging that may have been exposed. Products like Clorox, Lysol and hydrogen peroxide can be used to sanitize surfaces in your home. A focus should be placed on cleaning frequently touched areas of the home, such as doorknobs, countertops and other high-traffic areas, including floors. ?

Remove dirty clothing
Viruses can live on fabrics and porous surfaces, so it is recommended that you shed clothing at the door and place it directly into the hamper. When laundering clothing, do not shake it before washing, as you risk self-contamination. Follow the manufacturer?s cleaning instructions, and wash clothing in the warmest water possible.

Develop a hand-cleaning routine
Since our hands carry a bulk of the germs, it is a good idea to develop a routine to clean hands and even cell phones, upon entering the home. Utilizing products like hand sanitizer and alcohol wipes will help minimize the spread of the virus to other surfaces throughout the home.

Disinfect appropriately
To clean surface germs or viruses properly, it is crucial to use products that contain a disinfectant. According to the American Cleaning Institute, some frequently used ingredients to look for are sodium hypochlorite, hydrogen peroxide, ethanol, pine oil and citric acid. To disinfect surfaces effectively, there are a few guidelines you should follow:

  • Pre-clean hard surfaces like countertops, prior to disinfecting, to remove excess dirt or grime
  • Disinfect the surface according to the product label
  • After using a disinfectant spray or wipe, wait for the? product to effectively kill the germ or virus (this could be anywhere from 30 seconds to several minutes)
  • If the sanitized surface comes in contact with food or children, rinse with water after it dries
For a list of products that the EPA deems effective for killing the coronavirus, click on this link.

Remember to Clean Your Floors
You step on a lot of dirt and contaminants during the day that can transfer to the home when you walk inside. To keep your floors clean and virus-free, the CDC recommends using one cup of bleach mixed with five gallons of water to mop your nonporous floors. If you have porous floors, such as hardwood, bleach can remove the stain. Therefore, it is best to use a disinfecting wet mop cloth or combine a half a cup of white vinegar and one gallon of water.

Wayne Wiles Floor Coverings is taking extra precautions to protect our employees and customers. We are sanitizing high touch surfaces like doorknobs, handrails, bathrooms and common areas on a daily basis, and our showrooms are being deep cleaned once a week. We are rotating our staff to ensure we have a minimal number of employees in our showrooms at one time and practicing social distancing. We are committed to the health and safety of our employees and customers. We appreciate your trust and the privilege to continue to serve you.
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