Luxury vinyl flooring in a Fort Myers, FL home

Hot trends in luxury vinyl flooring

Wood-and-stone looks; metallic, concrete, geometric, and decorative tile patterns; textures, and micro beveling are just a few of the hottest trends in luxury vinyl.

Waterproof vinyl flooring: Capturing the attention of retailers and consumers

Shoppers, more and more, are looking for products that are both aesthetic and practical; although it's still relatively new, this flooring has become one of the most sought-after materials.? With gorgeous wood-and-stone looks, this vinyl is an even more advanced version of luxury vinyl, thicker, more durable, and uses two technologically advanced cores, which brings us to two more trends.

The SPC (stone plastic composite) and WPC (wood plastic composite) cores offer the highest protection level and won't peel or ripple no matter how much water there is or for how long.

Luxury vinyl plank (LVP)

By extension, wood look floors are trending hot and expected to continue for at least 15 years.? LVP is one form of luxury vinyl that offers such a true-to-life echo of genuine wood; it is made by cutting the vinyl into strips and mounting them on boards, and sometimes even the flooring experts have trouble discerning it from the real thing.

The other form is luxury vinyl tile or LVT, referring to the material cut into tile-sized squares that can be used with or without grout. Many feel the extra seams add to the realism.

Earthy neutral colors

Rustic decor is a current craze and, with that come colors that remind us of the earth, sky, or sea?slate, a textured stone, and limestone, travertine, and terrazzo answer these calls. Terracotta tiles, once used mainly outdoors, are now brought indoors because the beautiful reddish-brown color works so well in this simple, somewhat rough decor.

When it comes to style, combined with countless functional benefits, luxury vinyl flooring can match any project, whether it's rustic farmhouse, airy and contemporary, California coastal, and more. So come in to explore our inventory, learn more and get a free quote. Wayne Wiles Floor Coverings is located in Fort Myers, FL, convenient to Cape Coral, Naples, Estero, Bonita Springs, and Sanibel.