Hardwood Trends

Natural -
Imperfections are becoming more and more popular these days. ?This means leaving the flaws and the grain visible, letting the character of the wood stand out. ?This will give the room a more authentic,?natural feel. ?
Reclaimed -
Everything is going green these days and hardwood is no exception. ?These floors have a story to tell, they have all come from somewhere else. ?Your room will have a one of a kind look, all your own!?
Extremes -
That means really dark or really light, espresso or blonde. The darker tones give the room a sleek appearance, while the blonde tones help make the space feel larger and hide more dirt. Whichever your preference, both of these styles are trending up!?
Parquet -?
This is a fancy flooring word for geometric. ?Herringbone and chevron are the most well known, but look out for some puzzle like shapes to make an appearance too.?
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