Fall In Love With Your Floors!

Fall In Love With Your Floors!

Love has been in the air above us all month, but now?s the season to love the floor below us as well!? We?re living in a time that reminds us of the value of being at home with our loved ones, so consider the foundation that those priceless memories are built upon: The floors that we live on.? No other part of our home witnesses so much wear and tear, yet through the best and worst of times, holds steady under our feet.? Rekindle your relationship with your floors and watch as your home transforms before your eyes. The care and comfort of your family always comes first, so step up their quality of life with freshly finished floors to make your home feel even more special.

Wayne Wiles? Floor Coverings offers an extensive range of services, whether you?re touching up your existing floors or collaborating with us to create a custom installation plan for you.? We?re a family-focused company that aims to exceed expectations no matter your budget or job size:

Wayne Wiles? expert installers lead the industry in knowledge and reliability. Our team draws on decades of loyal service to consistently meet the highest of expectations?from recommending the best materials and colors to working with you each step of the way to bring your custom vision to life. Simply put, Wayne Wiles? customers know that they?re in the best hands when it comes to the floors they walk on.

Just like there?s a perfect partner out there for each of us, there?s a perfect match for your preexisting floors, and Wayne Wiles can ensure it?s a match made in heaven. Our experts can source your tile and carpet and continue the look with a matching installation that convinces everyone your floor was laid all-together. Wayne Wiles guarantees a smooth, pressure-free process with proven results and thousands of satisfied customers.

Tough Love
A house barely feels like a home without bright-eyed kids and bushy-tailed pets running around, but these precious playmates can take a toll on your floors! Wayne Wiles offers industry-leading materials for your modern, practical life, including Mohawk?s All Pet Protection & Warranty, the only warranty in the industry that covers all pet accidents, all the time, so you can savor each special moment with your family?s most active members without needing to worry about your floors ever again!

Family First
Wayne Wiles Floor Coverings cares about its community and has been in loyal service to its customers for over 35 years. An honest, reliable, family-run company, Wayne Wiles? team has stood the test of time and remains as the industry standard no matter your flooring needs. Our customers love that we build life-long relationships with them; we take pride in exceeding your expectations so that our reputation and reliability speaks for itself. With the knowledge and resources to complete your specific flooring needs, we can make your home?s most prominent, hardest-working feature stand out!

We Love to Exceed Your Expectations
Our customers rave about our promptness, politeness, patience and positivity! We?re more than happy to take the time to offer suggestions, give recommendations, and help you formulate your perfect flooring solution. Wayne Wiles is known for our pressure-free professionalism and consultations before you hire us, and our efficiency and attention to detail once we?re on the job. We take pride in accommodating any budget and plan and will make you feel like family no matter the size of your job. When you?re ready to love the floors you live on, we know we?re the perfect partner for you.