Cleaning Your Floors for Optimal Results

All flooring requires some type of cleaning, but the method and frequency depends on several factors. High-traffic areas, such as a home?s entrance, kitchen, bathrooms and hallways, can experience frequent messes and may require cleaning more often. The amount of time you will spend cleaning depends on activity levels and the specific messes you leave behind as well as the flooring material. Cleaning sessions can range from once a week to once a day, based on these factors.

Keep up appearances

If you live alone or don?t experience frequent activity in your home, your floors still need attention to remain spotless. For general upkeep, you should sweep or mop floors once per week. Dust and dirt can accumulate over time if no one is going in and out of different rooms. Keeping the floors free of this material helps maintain the floors prime condition.

Activity level

If you have children or pets, your floors will require more attention. For areas where they play, the floor should be cleaned daily, and if your kids or pets walk into a room on a rainy day, the floors should be cleaned immediately. Floors in a kitchen where you spend a lot of time cooking will require frequent cleaning to keep grease, grime and dirt at a minimum.

Sealed vs. Unsealed

Determining the best method of cleaning requires that you know what your floors are made of. Sealed wood floors don?t need to be mopped or swept as often, because, if dried quickly, they can shield from unwanted material. However, unsealed floors require care more often and quickly, because they cannot resist water on the same level.

Carpet, tile and upholstery need a deep clean about twice a year. This helps reduce germs, dirt and allergens trapped in carpet and tile grout as well as maintains the longevity of the floor. Proper cleaning keeps floors looking new longer and rids floors of harmful bacteria that can lead to a cold, the flu and more.

Cleaning methods

Sweeping with a vacuum, mopping or steam cleaning are generally the preferred methods for cleaning floors.

Choosing the best method will differ, depending on the type of material. Dust, pet hair and other debris can

easily be removed from laminate, hardwood and vinyl by simply using a dry mop. A vacuum can also be used as long as the beater bar is turned off, as it can scratch or even damage the floor. To keep your floors in pristine condition, wipe up spills promptly to prevent marring or discoloration, and, if you have pets, keep their nails trimmed and manicured.

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