Tips for Removing Stains

The holiday season is almost here! ?And while that means fun, family, and parties, it can also mean accidents and spills on your precious floors! Worry no more, we have some tips you can use to get through the season without worrying about the little things like spills on your floors. ?Party on and enjoy every minute!

Lets start with carpet

We always recommend first referencing your manufacturer's care instructions before treating your floors, but here are some DIY home remedies you can try to treat your floors in an emergency situation.

For everyday spills (lighter in color) and pet oopsies - Simply mix of ? tsp of clear non-bleach detergent or white vinegar with a quart of water.

Dark stains (chocolate, wine, coffee, blood) -
For wool or wool blend carpet, use the above simple mix. ?
For polypropylene carpet, use 1 part chlorine bleach to 5 parts water.
For all other types, use 1 tsp ammonia mixed with 1 cup of water.

Cooking Oils & Fats -
Place a paper towel over the spill and then iron over it to lift the oil. ?

Wax & Gum -
Use ice to freeze it and then break it up and finish with a vacuum.

Wood Floors

Again, we recommend that you first refer to your manufacturer's care instructions.

Spills -
Most can be cleaned up with detergent mix and warm water.

Scratches or Scrapes -?
If minor, use wax or wood stain markers to hide. ?
For deeper scratches or scrapes, you may need spot repairs of sanding and re-staining.

Gum, & Wax -
Use the ice trick from above!

Burns -
Scrape burn away with dull knife and then spot treat the area with wax or stain marker.


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