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Three 2022 hardwood flooring trends

Your wood floors will uplevel your home with a long-lasting natural beauty that works with any decor.?

Below is what you can expect to see this year regarding hardwood flooring trends.

Light floors are back

Colors like blond, whitewashed, gray, and greige work with any decor. This includes rustic/farmhouse to contemporary, traditional, and anything in between.

That's not to say, however, that dark floors are out. On the contrary, they're getting deeper, richer, and darker.

There is a large availability of stains and finishes. You can make them lighter or darker to customize your style or change the hardwood flooring colors with sanding and restaining.

Patterns and unique arrangements

Herringbone was the first hardwood parquet pattern. That was decades ago but is back again in a big way; also hot are chevron patterns and diagonal and horizontal strip layouts.

Mixed width floors (also called "random width floors") refer to groups of planks of various widths. They are used to create unique arrangements and can visually enlarge a room.??

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Oak is still king

It's classic, stylish, and affordable. Oak has a clean grain with a contemporary look. White oak isn't white but, rather, brown. Another version, red oak, has red or pink undertones.

White oak has yellow-like undertones. European white oak counterpart has a tight, tiny, closed grain and cooler undertones.

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