Hardwood flooring in Fort Myers, FL from Wayne Wiles Floor Coverings

Is hardwood flooring for you?

No one can ever doubt the allure of wood floors. However, any flooring is a significant investment in your home.

Everyone wants hardwood flooring, but sometimes people are still hesitant. If that's you, knowing these benefits may push you off that railing once and for all!

Versatile, timeless beauty

Wood floors work with any decor and never go out of style. There are hundreds of species to choose from; you can find something from the most subtle to dramatic, with lots of knots and prominent grains.

You don't have to worry about your hardwood flooring fitting in if you change your decor. There's a wide assortment of stains and finishes; just sand and re-stain them. You'll see an enormous selection from brands like Chesapeake, DuChateau, and Karastan-BelleLuxe, among others.

They add real estate value

At least 70% to 80% of the initial cost of the floor is reflected in your property values. If you're considering selling, prospective buyers often pay 2.5% more for a home with hardwood flooring.

If you stay, it'll still be a significant benefit to you. Studies have shown that people enjoy their homes much more after a wood flooring installation.

Easy to maintain

Wood floors only need regular dust mopping, a once-a-week vacuuming, and cleaning/polishing every three or four months.

Keep in mind that solid hardwood can be damaged by excess water. Therefore, wipe spills immediately.

Engineered hardwood is more stable and better able to handle water. Consider that version if your home is prone to leaks.

If you?re thinking of buying hardwood floors in Fort Myers, FL

Visit the Wayne Wiles Floor Coverings showroom. You'll see everything from traditional oak to European white oak species. There are textures, planks of all widths, and light/medium/dark shades. Our experts will help you find the perfect hardwood flooring.

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