Carpet installation in a Fort Myers, FL home

Carpet FAQ: We have the answers you need

Carpet will instantly add visual appeal to your home. It's elegant, feels soft and cushiony underfoot, and comes with countless functional advantages, such as durability and sound/temperature insulation. Here are some answers that might be helpful about carpet.

Are there affordable carpet options for tighter budgets?

Thanks to modern technology, manufacturers can create expanded color palettes and digital patterning. Digital patterning means the color and design go all the way through the fiber instead of just sitting at the top, increasing vibrancy and eliminating fading concerns. Styles include everything from the looped Berber carpet to cut piles, textures, and even a combination of looped and cut-piles, called "cut and loop."

When you shop at our carpet store in Fort Myers, FL, you?ll see all that and more, such as kid-and-pet versions with the SmartStrand fiber and eco-friendly and hypoallergenic versions. Best of all, you?ll see them in lots of budget options.

What carpet should I choose if I have allergies?

Science proves it: carpets are fine for allergies, and asthma suffers. Studies have shown that because vacuuming only gets the surface dirt, any pollutants, and particles that remain get trapped into the fibers. Therefore, they do not circulate in the air for one to breathe; the only way out for them is to be scrubbed with deep cleaning.

Can carpets affect room temperature?

The extra insulation keeps out the hot air, too. Remember, the temperature insulation works both ways: Rugs can keep a room cool, especially important in hot and sunny Florida, just as much as it can also keep a space warm and cozy.

You can also do some things to help your rugs keep out the heat, such as choosing adequate (and preferably motorized) window coverings and installing carpets with fibers and piles that work best in sunny climates.

At Wayne Wiles Floor Covering, you'll see Saxony Plush, textured shags, loops like Berber and level loops, patterned cut and loops, and more from Dream Weaver, Dixie Home, and Geoffrey Hirst, among others. Come into our showroom in Fort Myers, FL, for a free quote. We work on residential and commercial projects in and around Fort Myers, Cape Coral, Naples, Estero, Bonita Springs, and Sanibel.
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