Mixed width wood flooring in a Sanibel, FL home from Wayne Wiles

Does the width of wood floor planks matter?

Hardwood flooring
is elegant, classic and adds warmth and charm to a room, as well as value to your property. Choosing plank size will be the first decision you'll make because it will change the entire tone of the room, making it look small, dark, spacious, bright, or serene.

Narrow vs. wide plank hardwood

Wide planks are currently trending, and, not surprisingly, they will show the grain pattern and characteristics like knots, swirls better. They can also give your home a more historical pr antique look because they were especially prevalent in mid-1800 homes.

The larger format and clean lines can make an already large room look even more spacious and airy. However, if the room is small, it can also throw off the proportion and make it look dark and cluttered, but if your heart is set in a broader width, you can always create a design with random width planks.

At Wayne Wiles, we have an assortment of plank widths for engineered wood flooring, so speak to one of our professionals to discuss your needs and style.

How to choose plank size

1. Know the room measurements, so you keep your choice in proportion and balanced.
2. Feel free to mix it up. Random (mixed) widths can give you the best of both worlds and can provide your room with a unique, organic look. Just be sure to consider your overall home decor first, so nothing clashes.
3. Think about grain patterns, knots, swirls, etc. These are distinctive and give wood floors character. If you want to show them off, speak to the professionals at our company to find the best choice.

When shopping for hardwood floors in Florida

Visit the Wayne Wiles showroom in Fort Myers, FL. Since 1985, we have been the area's most trusted floor covering retailer, and our professionals will help you find the best hardwood flooring for your Fort Myers, Cape Coral, Naples, Estero, Bonita Springs, or Sanibel home. We'll also give you a free quote.
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