Consider borders or inlays for your hardwood flooring remodel

Consider borders or inlays for your hardwood flooring remodel

Hardwood flooring is unique, with an allure no one can deny. And you can make these hardwood floors even more distinctive by adding some inlays.

Adding style personalizes your space

An inlay's a pattern or design created out of different colored woods and fitted together in a floor, wall, or ceiling. It creates a dramatic effect and adds character to a simple hardwood floor.

They are commonly used in entryways, inlaid borders, and around the perimeter of a room.

Commonly used wood species

Wood grain patterns and color have an impact on the hardwood flooring inlay. Exotic species, such as walnut, teak, and Brazilian cherry, are more expensive. However, they also make gorgeous additions as medallions or borders.

Domestic species commonly used are:

1.White Oak is known for its tight, closed pore and distinctive grain pattern
2.Ash, recognized for its light texture and grain
3.Birch, with plenty of knotholes
4.Maple, subtle with a less pronounced grain pattern

Borders: a typical inlay

Borders encase the floor and give it a rich, grand appearance. They work well in large, adorned rooms.

Other benefits of wood floors

1.Versatility to work with any decor.

2.Long-lasting beauty. Your wood flooring in Fort Myers, FL, will last for decades.

3.Real estate value-adding. Hardwood flooring adds value to a property, and potential buyers often pay more for a home with wood floors.

4.Easy care. Dust or dry mop daily, vacuum once a week, and clean/polish every two months.
Also, employ everyday routines such as using protective furniture pads or trimming pet nails. Use mats at entrances and protective furniture pads when moving.

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