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Solidtech® Luxury Vinyl Flooring

A new class of hard surface flooring


Redefining the future of flooring

Mohawk SolidTech is a new generation of vinyl plank flooring that combines the strength and rich visual of hardwood with the fashion, durability, and cleanability of a luxury vinyl tile or plank.

Lending brilliant, breathtaking style to any room, SolidTech effortlessly withstands the bumps, scuffs, scrapes, and spills of active homes with kids and pets. Revolutionary engineering provides quick and flawless installations that make these attractive floors both waterproof and odor-free. The premium choice for style and performance, SolidTech redefines just how great flooring can be.
  • Gorgeous, natural-looking hardwood visuals for style-savvy homes
  • 100% waterproof protection against spills and stains
  • Eliminates odors from pet accidents and mildew
  • Extraordinary resistance to scrapes and scuffs
  • Impervious to cupping or warping due to temperature changes
  • Simple, flawless installation on just about any floor, in any room of the home

Fashion-forward, everyday style

SolidTech waterproof flooring sets the new standard for beauty, taste, and design with style that complements any room, from kitchens to living rooms to mudrooms. Showcasing distinct, eye-catching color options, SolidTech vinyl planks also feature unparalleled low-frequency pattern repetition for the most natural hard surface flooring visual ever created.

SolidTech vinyl plank flooring introduces a totally new class of hard surface floors. Learn more about what this revolutionary product can do for homes with active families.

Say hello to Doug the Pug

With more than 5 million likes on Facebook and 2 million followers on Instagram, Doug the Pug balances Internet stardom and his jet-setting, fast-paced lifestyle on the pop culture A-List with a relaxing, fun-filled life at home. From fashion to floors, Doug knows that great design is always in style.

SolidTech’s technological innovations handle life’s everyday challenges with ease and superior performance. Uniclic® MultiFit locking system creates an impenetrable lock between flooring planks that makes SolidTech vinyl plank floors waterproof, odor-free, and a breeze to clean. No matter what the occasion, SolidTech can handle it in style.


SolidTech vinyl plank flooring isn’t water-resistant—it’s waterproof. That means Uniclic MultiFit technology creates an impenetrable, tight lock that does not allow liquid through. Splashes and spills are kept on the surface for easy cleanup.

Lays flat, stays flat

One of the most impressive aspects of SolidTech’s superior engineering is the ability to be easily installed at all angles for flawless results:

  • Uniclic MultiFit technology allows for true DIY ease of installation with quick, professional results.
  • SolidTech is 50% denser than average composite core flooring, so these planks will not telegraph visual imperfections of the underlying surface, even ceramic tile.
  • Thanks to their rigid, dense construction, SolidTech vinyl plank floors also resist indentation and maintain dimensional stability under heat and extreme temperature change.

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See SolidTech in action

SolidTech vinyl plank floors are engineered for superior protection to handle today’s most active households. Watch how SolidTech handles extreme situations with extraordinary results.

Experience SolidTech in 360º

"SolidTech from Mohawk gives you the beautiful look of hardwood floor, but stands up to the worst punishment an active family can deliver."

Chip Wade
Celebrity Designer

SolidTech plank flooring collections


Galvyn collection

Twelve striking color options such as Nightfall, Pearl Platinum, and Castle Rock create bold, innovative looks for unforgettable rooms.